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At the age of 8, Master (Mark) Chan Wah (pictured above at age 37), learned the styles of Hung Gar, Short Hand Choy Lee Fut and Five Animal Sil Lum in his village in southern China. His grandfather, Grandmaster Wong Cheun Yip, was the local kung fu master of Chil Chung village of the Toisan district, and the local surrounding areas. Grandmaster Wong remained as the local authority and resident master until his death at age 86 in 1962.

In the early fifties Sifu Chan escaped from the Toison region of southern China to Hong Kong. It was here that he had the opportunity to study other styles of Kung Fu. His extensive study included Southern Dragon (Lung Ying More Kiew) White Eyebrow (Bok Mei), Wing Chun and Hung Gar. During this period Master Chan had the privilege to study under some great contemporary masters of this century.

Sifu Chan came to Canada in the mid 1950's and began teaching in Edmonton's Chinatown in 1965. During this period Master Chan was the chief instructor of the local cultural association, and as such taught Kung Fu, lion dance and self-defence to the local chinatown population. In 1971 he became one of the first Masters, in Canada, to teach authentic and traditional Kung Fu to the non-Chinese. In the early days he sometimes had to use Kung Fu to defend his club's territory and his restaurant business just as his grandfather had used it to defend the village. It was in 1971 that the Green Dragon Kung Fu Society (Canadian Branch) was formed. It was begun as an extension branch, in honor of the teaching tradition established by Grand Master Wong Cheun Yip in Chil Chung village over 100 years ago.

Since that time, Master Chan has selflessly, and without reservation, passed on the valued traditions and skills of the masters of the past. Master Chan was also taught the ancient arts of Hit Medicine and Bone Setting from Grand Master Wong. To this day, Master Chan's father is a master Herbalist and Bone Setter in Hong Kong. Master Chan has passed on the traditional medicine practices of the ancient Kung Fu practitioners to his most devoted students. Master Chan is knowledgeable in Herbal Hit Medicines, training tonics and palm medicines to enhance training for the serious student of the arts.

Master Chan bowing
Master Mark Chan Wah